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Recliner pink triciclo 4 in 1 Smart Trike

from 6 months to 3 years

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Description and features of Recliner pink triciclo 4 in 1 Smart-trike

Smart Trike “Recliner”, winner of the “Toy Innovation” Award in the Fun + Sport category and “Right Start Award” Overall Winner” in the 0-3 category and “Gold award” in the Sit n Ride category.
The unique 4 in 1 Smart Trike Recliner designed for babies from 6 months and up, provides the child with a safe and comfortable ride. The adjustable seat is equipped with a reclining position to allow baby to nap. The multi-position adjustable handle guarantees an easy solution for the parents to steer and, by releasing the clutch, the child takes control for fun, independent riding. The Smart Trike Recliner includes a washable, quality seat cover and is available in a range of colors together with a useful functional bag.

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