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Gymini total playground Tiny Love

from 0 to 12 months

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Description and features of Gymini total playground Tiny-love

The ultimate environment for baby-activated development, discovery & delight. A self-contained activity gym designed to further baby's physical, sensory and emotional development.
The Gymini® TOTAL PLAYGROUND™ -- Kick & Play™ activity gym offers a truly multi-sensory play experience, with the variety of sounds and images on the blanket and hanging toys, along with varied sensory stimulation provided by the different fabrics, textures and shapes.
Baby gazes at the toys, strokes and explores them with her hands and mouth, developing coordination between the senses.
When in the prone position, the Gymini® TOTAL PLAYGROUND™ -- Kick & Play™ activity gym encourages baby to lift her neck and shoulders while gazing at her reflection in the extra-large mirror or the illustrations on the border, strengthening her neck and shoulder girdle.
When baby extends her hand and bats the toys, or kicks the Kick & Play™ response pad with her feet, she strengthens her arm and leg muscles.
From the sixth month, baby is drawn to the Kick & Play™ response pad which she strikes to elicit flashing lights or music. This helps baby's ability to support her weight with one hand.
The hanging toys invite baby to reach out and strike or grasp, first by chance and later quite intentionally as control over her arm and hand improves. This helps develop hand-eye coordination.
The interesting and diverse structure of the toys help baby practice different grasping methods, as well as opening and closing her hand, pulling, and later, coordination between the two hands.
The Gymini® TOTAL PLAYGROUND™ -- Kick & Play™ activity gym offers a multitude of opportunities to experience cause and effect, such as batting at the hanging toys to make them swing, or kicking or striking the Kick & Play™ response pad and causing the lights to flash or the music to play.
From the fifth month, baby becomes intrigued with the concept of object permanence. She lifts the kite to reveal the bee or the sun on the border to reveal a bird, enjoying a fun peek-a-boo-type game.
The "arches effect" helps relax baby, providing the security of a relatively enclosed space.
This, together with the classical music, make the Gymini® TOTAL PLAYGROUND™ -- Kick & Play™ activity gym a special, relaxing space for baby, that provides a feeling of confidence, while stimulating the senses with the music, ringing chime and larger colorful toys hanging over her head.
You can try to place your baby on the Gymini® TOTAL PLAYGROUND™ activity gym, and play the Mozart selection. Hang the toys between 8 to 10 inches from her eyes, the optimal distance for vision at this age.
Some babies feel comfortable with the Gymini® TOTAL PLAYGROUND™ activity gym right from the very start, while others prefer a small, more enclosed place, such as a cradle. It’s possible that your baby will not show signs of interest in the gym until the third month.
Move the duck chime so that it rings, which is a very pleasant sound for newborn babies.
The Gymini® TOTAL PLAYGROUND™ activity gym can be used as a diaper changing surface when needed. Just open the arches and let them fall down for a large and pleasant changing surface.
- 114.8cm x 106cm.

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