Gymini la isla del mono Tiny Love

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from 0 to 12 months
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Gymini® Monkey Island offers baby a colorful and intriguing world for extensive investigation and interaction on her back & tummy. With dangling toys, an engaging mirror and a cuddly monkey, your baby will be kept busy improving her skills with 18 fun and stimulating developmental activities.
Encourages extended tummy time play – the variety of stimuli along with the supporting pillow helps baby stay in tummy time for longer durations and promote head lifting thereby strengthening neck and shoulder muscles.
Develops cognitive skills as well as EQ – the inviting friendly monkey mate gives out delightful feedback when swatted that assists baby in the understanding of cause and effect.
A truly multi-sensory playing experience. A rich variety of sounds, images, shapes and textures to explore promotes coordination between the senses.
Age: from birth.

- Provides a calming effect. Gymini® Monkey Island's special structure reminds baby of the protective environment of the womb.
- Some babies feel comfortable with the Gymini® Island activity gym right from the very start, while others prefer a small, more enclosed place, such as a cradle. It’s possible that your baby will not show signs of interest in the gym until the third month.
- Move the elephant chime so that it rings, which is a very pleasant sound for newborn babies.
- The Gymini® Island activity gym can be used as a diaper changing surface when needed. Just open the arches and let them fall down for a large and pleasant changing surface.

88cm x 78cm.